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No matter what you collect, or how many you have, you will always be welcome here, and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Established on the 11th February, 2008, the forum has become a great community for model horse lovers across the world, with people from all walks of life united by our shared love of all things equine. MHL was originally founded by Admin, Clare, along with moderators Rachel (Messypony) and Georgie, who were later joined in a moderator role and now joint admin, by Christine (EG)
There is always something to do or talk about on MHL - there are multiple boards for the different types of model horses we collect, show and customise, sections for all our tackmaking and photostories, plenty of stickied threads with hints, scale comparisons and tutorials, as well as a general discussion board for everyday chat and a bit of banter. Becoming a member will unlock more categories on the boards, as much of the forum is not available for guests to view. For example, the general model chat boards will open up, but the sales area, along with the general discussion board does need a minimum post requirement of 50 posts.

What's on Offer?

MHL is great for both hobby newbies and veterans; those who are starting out in the hobby, or who want to brush up on their knowledge about model and real horses. There are many informative articles within the forum, such as colour and breed information with references, showing documentation and tips, hobby abbreviations and loads more. Members are also free to post articles that are of use to others, as well as their own tutorials, hints and tips. For the most part however, the forum is a place to showcase our collections, whether you paint, show, customise or just like admiring them on a shelf. There is also a games section where members can have a bit of fun with daft and strangely addictive forum games. Members can create or join text Roleplays in the RP section, moderated mainly by EG.


Model Horse Love often holds free and exclusive competitions for our members which are always enjoyable to participate in. These include the 'Model Of The Month' contest, where, every month, a certain theme is selected and members submit a photo of the model which is best suited to that theme. A poll is then put up on the forum and the winner is displayed on the main page! We also run an annual Live Show - for more information, become a member for full details.

2013 marked the 5th anniversary of Model Horse Love being an online community, and we hope to see you here for the 10th!

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